The city of Florence welcomes you! In this visit we will take you inside the eighteenth-century Florence, through the engravings by Giuseppe Zocchi, one of the most significant and refined engraver and draughtsman in that time. Zocchi gives you through his works details about the places, the street furniture, the arts, the crafts, the traditions and the celebrations of Florence in that time. You can see some glimpses of the city, that are now lost, and reconstruct some moments of the daily life in the eighteenth-century Florence through the various descriptive illustrations of the city.

We present you through some high resolution pictures the collection of 24 illustrations depicting the views on the main quarters, squares, churches and palaces of Florence in that time. The collection was commissioned by the marquis Andrea Gerini, the main patron of Zocchi, and it was dedicated to Maria Theresa of Austria, the sovereign of Hungary and Bohemia, Archduchess of Austria and Grand Duchess of Tuscany.


In this walk you will be wisely guided through some instruments at your disposal. Use the map for seeing the way and the old views of the eighteenth-century city that you will meet along - clicking on the single numbers you will see the picture of the view and its short description.

Clicking on the gallery sign you can see in high resolution all pictures of the views of Florence, that are a work by Zocchi.

Click on the picture to see the details of every view and compare the present city with the eighteenth-century one reproduced in the engravings!

View Memories - Zocchi view in a bigger map

Giuseppe Zocchi was an Italian engraver and draughtsman and he was working mainly in Florence. Born into a poor family, he was apprenticed to the wokshop of Ranieri del Pace, where he began to have a reputation of being an interior decorator. Taken under protection by the Marquis Andrea Gerini, he was able to travel to Venice, Milan, Bologna and Rome, where he learned the new artistic trends and developed a such curiosity toward the landscape and contemporary society. His most famous work is a series of 25 views of Florence and 50 views of the grand-ducal villas and some places in the environs of Florence. The Marquis Andrea Gerini commissioned Zocchi this work, which was issued starting 1744 and obtained immediately a considerable success and diffusion at European level. Since 1749 he designed also the models for the gemstones inlays, which were made in the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. These inlays, with naturalistic subjects, obtained a considerable success and they were commissioned by some important figures, such as the Emperor of Habsburg and the King of Prussia. The manufacture of inlaid furniture was extended into 1760. Zocchi died in Florence in 1767.


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Inside the new exhibition section TRACES OF FLORENCE in the Palazzo Vecchio Museum the visitors can see the following 8 engravings of this itinerary, that are a work by Giuseppe Zocchi:

  • Veduta del Reale Palazzo de' Pitti Abitazione de Regnanti Sovrani
  • Il Palazzo Strozzi ed il Centauro
  • La Chiesa di San Pier Maggiore
  • Gli Uffizi
  • Il Duomo e il Battistero con la processione del Corpus Domini
  • La Piazza di Santa Maria Novella con la corsa dei carri
  • La Piazza della Signoria con la festa degli Omaggi
  • La Piazza Santa Croce con il gioco del calcio

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